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Check Processing
Check processing is ideal for businesses intending to lower the number of bad checks received or for those who want to travel less often to banks for deposits.

Check Conversion with Guarantee
This type of processing requires a check reader, which is attached to your credit card terminal. You swipe the check on the check reader, enter the necessary information and the transaction is approved in a matter of seconds. The money is guaranteed to be deposited in your account in a few days.

Check Conversion with Collection
Check Conversion with collection is similar to the processing described above. The difference is that the cost per transaction is lower and the transaction is not guaranteed. Instead, it comes with a free check collection service that will work on collecting the check for you.

Check Guarantee
Check Guarantee does not require a check reader. Instead, you use your credit card terminal to swipe your customerís driver license and to insert his/her check information. The bottom line is, if the check does not clear, the check processing company guarantees the check amount will be funded to you.

Check Collection
Check Collection is a free service offered to companies doing business with us. It is free to you because the check writer is the one who pays for writing the bad check.

Recurring Billing
Recurring billing is the best way for companies to bill customers on a regular basis. It is convenient for you and your customers Ė you will no longer have to worry about charging your customers while they will no longer have to worry about making the payments.

ACH Transfer
With an authorization from your customers, this service will transfer the amount agreed from your customerís account directly to your account every time the determined pay cycle is over (monthly, bimonthly, etc.). It is especially useful when combined with recurring billing.


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