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Credit/Debit Card Processing
With our services, your company will accept credit and debit cards payments from your customers. Payments are deposited automatically into your account in a few days.

For retail businesses we suggest a low-cost and easy-to-operate processing system. The equipment is user friendly and requires very little training. The processing is simple and the money is deposited in your account in only a few days. Whether your company is a small shop or a large store, we have the solution for your business.

Restaurants and Bars merchants are able to accept tips on all credit and debit card payments. A “Clerk ID” option will enable the manager to have control of who handled each transaction, making it easier to manage the distribution of tips and controlling the transactions.

If you are in the fast-food industry, we offer quick transaction speed for the low average ticket businesses. This service does not require a signature from your customer. It also approves without dialing out to the processor for all sales under $25. This enables the line at the cashier to move faster. The transaction cost is also lower, making the acceptance of credit and debit cards possible with a small average ticket size.

Mail/Phone Orders
This type of processing is ideal for businesses that cannot swipe the card on the terminal. Purchases are usually done over the phone or by mail. You manually key the credit card information on the terminal or on the computer and the transaction is approved in a matter of seconds.

Internet processing is designed for the e-commerce industry. Once we setup your Gateway account, your web-designer will connect your shopping cart to our Gateway system. When your customers click on “pay now,” the browser will be redirected to the gateway page where he/she can fill out his/her card information and accept the transaction. Like in the retail industry, the money is automatically deposited to your account.

Wireless processing is relatively new in the market, but is effective for companies that do not have access to a telephone line when running a transaction. Companies making sales during trade shows can have a seasonal account where you will not pay monthly fees for the months that you do not operate.

Personalized Service
Our professional merchant consultants will analyze your needs and recommend what services will be most economical and efficient for your business. Call us now for a free consultation!




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